During the first pandemic outburst (around March 2020) I was temporarily out of work and tried to keep myself busy. In Israel, at that time there was a trend rising of baking Hallahs. I’m a really mediocre baker so I grunted and said- “I can make a Hallah...out of paper!” and next thing I knew- I was starting to make all sorts of dishes out of paper- Banana Cake, Rice-Paper-Burrekas, A Croissant, An Omelet sandwich, A Biscuit Cake, Chips in a Bag and the most complicated item- a barbecue for independents day. I also videoed the process using time-lapse which was fun and got some positive attention (which is always a good thing but especially during a pandemic).

Photogrpahy: Tamuz Rachman
Assitant Photogrpahy: Shir Maman

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